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WA Disability Claims Process

Making a claim for Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income is a process.  This process will end if your application for disability benefits is approved.  However, if your application is denied, then you have a choice to file an appeal, and the process continues.  Seattle work injury lawyers can help explain the application and appeals process if you are unable to work due to your disability.

  • Disability Application Process

When you file a claim for Washington disability benefits—either Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI)—you must complete two forms: an Application and a Disability and Work History Report.  

o Application

Applications for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can be filed online at the Social Security website,, or in person at your local Social Security office.  

Applications for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) must be filed in person at your local Social Security office.  They cannot be filed online.  

After completing an application for benefits, you must complete one more form called a “Disability & Work History Report.”  

o Disability & Work History Report

The Disability & Work History Report asks for information about your conditions that render you unable to work.  It also asks for detailed information about the work you have done in the past 15 years, and the names and addresses of the doctors, hospitals, and clinics where you have treated for your conditions.  Further, it asks for information regarding any medical tests that you have undergone.  

If you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) online, you can complete this report immediately after completing the application.

If you intend to file for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, you can first go online and complete the Disability & Work History Report, then bring the final page, a “Print Cover Sheet” to your local Social Security office.  If you chose to apply for SSI first, then you can complete this at your local Social Security office after applying.  

  • Disability Appeal Process

If you are denied disability or SSI benefits, then you can appeal.  There are two common appeal stages:

o Request for Reconsideration

The Request for Reconsideration is the first appeal.  It must be filed within 65 days of the date of your application denial letter.  You can file this online at the Social Security website or in person at your local Social Security office.  

o Request for Hearing
The Request for Hearing is the second appeal.  This also must be filed within 65 days of the date on the denial letter, and can be done online at the Social Security website or in person at your local Social Security office.  

Find Out How To Get Access To Your Child No Matter What Your Situation Is

Often, when situations concerning the parting of parents go to court many parents like you are very centered on how much you want access to your son or daughter for you to be able to concentrate on how to get access to your child. Parents may have the child’s welfare in mind but this is of little or no relevance within a legal battle. Regardless of whether we like it or not, what counts are the strategies used to win custody of children and how to show that, without a shadow of a doubt you are the best-suited parent to be given the child to look after.

As for the greater degree, parents like you involved in these kinds of legal battles on how to get access to your child are going through it the very first time, help from your family court law attorney who have a lot of experience in this field will be priceless. Oftentimes both legalised and emotional techniques are employed which leave legal professionals representing your party at a disadvantage simply because they are not equipped with information about how to approach the latter. Worse yet, as attorneys are specialists only in legal concerns and issues linked to what the law states, they may accidentally lead clients towards making huge mistakes when this is the natural course of the way things would normally proceed legally.

Having said that, experts who continually listen to all kinds of authorities including judges, lawyers, psychologists, and parents are well mindful of what really goes on behind closed doors in courtrooms. This makes them the right people to turn to for guidance on how to progress in any given case. It is not only possible but also quite likely that as a well meaning parent, you may find it challenging in knowing how to get access to your child due to the forms of measures being used against you. A few of these may be not only be wrong however they are quite effective.

Fortunately, all is not lost. Obtaining real, tried and tested information concerning how to get access to your child by reading through specially authored publications concerning this topic by competent experts can be a lifesaver for all those going through this difficult time. Through many years of experience in such situations, these individuals can easily point out the typical but serious errors often made by parents trying to get access to their child. Furthermore, they show people how to rectify the problem.

Developing a clear idea of what you need to do and what you must definitely not do is the best weapon anybody can have both in and out of the courtroom. Specialists who have experienced everything repeatedly really feel confident in the recommendations they offer when writing about the dos and don’ts of such circumstances because of the expert experience their profession has enabled them to achieve. This is also due to the fact they have seen numerous scenarios which range from the simple to the never-ending, as well as completely nasty.

By determining the sad truth that most people are ill-prepared with regards to asking for what it is they want, professionals about how to get access to your child have likewise uncovered methods to remedy this predicament. Studying about which details are essential in empowering individuals to do well in legal care battles may turn out to be the most helpful information you can get throughout the trial.

Buying Insurance for your Small Business

If you own a small business in Washington state, such as a cafe, small fashion boutique or dry cleaners business, you know the importance of insurance. While it may not be required, it’s still a good idea to protect your business against potential problems such as theft, fire, or accidents. Insurance is one of those things that you just don’t realize how valuable and potential business life saving having those sort of safeguards in place. Every major business has insurance in some shape or form and though there is a cost, there is definitely more reasons then none to have a policy in place for your small business. Finding Washington business insurance shouldn’t be that tough, in fact, here are some tips to get your started:

The first thing you should do is go over business numbers. Figure out any liabilities and assets you have that affect your business such as overhead and rental costs. Once that is done you can then start estimate the type of losses that may occur in the event of fire, robbery, flood, etc. With that you will then get a better of idea of the policy and type of coverage you may need to avoid the worse case scenarios.

Now, with that coverage in mind, you need to find an insurance company or agent you can trust. An insurance agent can be a good thing to have on your team, so don’t be afraid to get involved with one. Make so to take your time and find an Seattle Commercial insurance agency that best fits your needs. It’s not necessarily the best course of action to buy the lowest premium. If it doesn’t cover your needs it isn’t worth your time and money. There are instances when a higher premium is just worth the extra cost and your agent will help with this.

Buying Seattle commercial insurance doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, painful process. If you go into it knowing what you need it will be easier to find an agent and agency that can give you what you need. In the end it will be worth it to have your small business adequately protected and avoid the headaches of the courts as much as possible.

Personal Injury Settlement 101

By []Kevin Stith

Personal injuries are inevitable. We slip and fall, people will bump into us, or we can have car accidents. Whether it is by accident or really intentional, we still suffer. We can take precautions but we can never stop personal injuries from happening to us. That is why there personal injury settlements exist.

Personal injury settlements vary from case to case and from state to state. Personal injury lawyers and attorneys with expertise in worker’s compensation cases are the ones who handle worker’s compensation claims leading to a personal injury settlement.

Cases where personal injury settlements may be applicable include slander, libel, false arrest, malicious prosecution, any bodily injury, disease, sickness, or death sustained by any person and/or caused by an instance in which a particular state or an individual may be held responsible. Included in personal injury settlements is compensation for loss of social and family activities.

Personal injury cases that require settlements in personal injury may come from injuries involving medical malpractice, defective products, automobile accidents, public vehicles accidents, published slander, animal bites, traumatic brain damage, wrongful death, slips and falls, work-related accidents, catastrophic events, aviation and boat accidents, motorcycle and trucking accidents, residential accidents, nursing home abuse, and birth injuries.

Personal injury settlements aim to recover lost funds, secure proper treatment, and reduce further pain and suffering associated with any damage or injury. Insurance companies will offer personal injury settlements almost immediately since it is less expensive to settle out of court. In many cases, insurance companies offer personal injury settlements right after the injury–even while the injured party is still being treated in the hospital–so that consultation of attorney has most likely not yet been done. Personal injury settlement includes the loss of social and family activities, pain and suffering, and recovery of future earnings, and medical bills in its calculations.

Injury Settlements [] provides detailed information on Back Injury Settlements, Burn Injury Settlements, Hydrocodone Injury Settlements, Injury Settlements and more. Injury Settlements is affiliated with Life Settlement Funding [].

Article Source: [] Personal Injury Settlement 101

We may help you with Tax Relief

With the economic system the way it’s – and probably will likely be for quite a while – many Americans fall behind in their tax funds to the IRS. You might be one in every of these people.

You can’t ignore your tax bill. It won’t go away. You might be afraid of the IRS, and anticipate all kinds of trouble. And you’ll get a great deal of problems in you ignore them.

Luckily there is IRS tax relief assist available. You do have some choices on the place to hunt help. When you have been attempting to negotiate with the IRS straight you are at an enormous disadvantage. They are trained to make you settle for maybe more than you’ll be able to pay – that’s why most individuals who prepare an installment plan with the IRS defaults – and grow to be deeper and deeper in the hole.

IRS collectors can be very intimidating and cause stress. For those who owe greater than $10,000 to the IRS you might want to seek assistance. The result’s usually what’s referred to as an Provide of Compromise. This means that your self – or an agent representing you’ll prove to the IRS that you just can’t pay the complete amount. This could possibly be brought on by loss of jobs or other financial and health issues. Acting on your own it turns into very emotional and troublesome to cope with the collectors.

An agent agency, or a tax lawyer won’t have the emotional factor to fret about. He or she will cope with the info and present your case to the IRS in a clear and persuasive manner. Usually leading to superb results.

The IRS has modified their policies on offer of compromise applications. They routinely will reject an software based solely on the doubt of collectability. In other phrases, should you inform them that they’ll never get the money they’ll reject your software and proceed with numerous lawsuits, liens and different nasty things. It’s a must to prove you’re in financial misery and keen to come to an arrangement. The IRS also desires 20% of the settlement amount with the application.

It’s true though that in the event you just do not want to pay taxes, you’d relatively take that money and go on a vacation – you most likely will get caught and made to pay. The IRS has great powers. They’ll seize your financial institution accounts, wage and plenty of of your assets. They will not go away either. They have superb patience.

So it’s highly really helpful that you simply search assist, particularly if in case you have failed to reach an association with the IRS immediately and you are going through extreme penalties and interest.

Not everyone can be a candidate for an Offer In Compromise. Most tax attorneys will seek the advice of initially for free or a small fee. There are other firms that may help as well. Many of these are legit firms appearing in your behalf in analyzing the situation and submitting an offer in compromise. Nevertheless, it is best to check the businesses out first.

The IRS has a number of different types of installment programs. Most would require you to file detailed financial statements – which is finest prepared by a specialist since the potential for severe financial hardship is real. The IRS will even review your standard of living, and if they find you might be residing beyond your means – will demand you narrow down your bills and pay more of the tax bill.

The top result’s a monthly payment plan. Throughout your fee interval they will take all future refunds and apply it in direction of the taxbill. The IRS will calculate your income, cost of dwelling and other expenses. Other debts really don’t count, the IRS wants to be the precedence recipient of your income.

Getting a payment plan is mostly an easy process, it is the details that can get very tricky. Especially in case you are emotional about the entire thing. So again – you stand to lose a lot. Spending the money for a tax lawyer or one other IRS tax relief knowledgeable is value it.

If you need Tax Relief help, contact a CPA to help with IRS problems and avoid the court!

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